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Syros Map
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Syros is known for the variety of its landscape. The northern part is mountainous but in the rest of the island, lowlands, hills fields and much cultivation is found. The lacy coast forms many small bays, capes and two big gulfs, Finikas on the west and Ermoupolis on the east.
As shown by the excavations, the island was populated since the Neolithic age. At Kastri and Halandriani, an acropolis was found together with ancient settlements and findings of the proto-cycladic civilization. Ermoupolis, the capital and harbor of Syros, is also the capital of Cyclades. Built amphitheatrically with neo-classic buildings, old mansions and white houses crawling down the hills to the harbour, only to meet a majestic centre. Piazza Miaouli is found there with many graphical cafes. The city hall, made by Ziller, stands out together with the statue of admiral Miaoulis and the municipal theater \"Apollon\".
Ano Syros keeps its medieval form almost intact. Its uphill roads with lots of steps, give to the town the glamour of another era. At the top of the hill, lays the Catholic Cathedral of st. George while at the centre of the town the municipal historical Archive of Ano Syros is found, only some steps away from the museum of Vamvakaris, a famous Greek folk music composer.
At the northeastern side of the island, lays Halandriani and Kastri with major prehistoric findings. At the -difficult to access- northwestern coast, in the area called Grammata, you may see writings on the rocks that go back to the Roman and Byzantine ages.
Calm, lonely and very charming is the beach of Santorinia. It is an ideal place for those who want to calm their mind and soul. Its crystal clear water is a temptation to anyone. At the archeological museum, you will see many remarkable finding and in the municipal library there are lots of rare publications. Special picturesqueness is met in the nautical district of Vaporia where neoclassic houses emerge between the narrow streets. A perfect place for a walk.
At the south and western part of Syros, which is the most populated, lay many beautiful places such as Galissas, one of the biggest and most beautiful resorts with a big sandy beach, Posidonia or Delagracia, an offshore area with a beach called Agathopa and some neoclassic houses, Vari, which is graphical, the bay of Finikas, with hotel Brazzera, Kini and Mega Gialos.

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